The Ilac has an average weekly footfall of 300,000 and the Centre has been refurbished in recent years. From time to time space becomes available for letting with units varying in size from 100 sq. ft. to 78,000 sq. ft. For further information contact:

Daniel McLaughlin
Tel: 087-7773329
James Quinlan
Tel: 01-6477900
Shane Cahir 
Niamh Sheahan  
Tel: 01-6185500






If you would like to run a promotion in the Ilac Centre, please email details of your product together with images and dimensions of your display stand to or telephone 086 046 0259. Spaces available are  3m x 3m and maximum permissible height is 1.5m.


Discover more details on promotion or commercialisation opportunities at The Ilac in our  Pop Up Brochure.

Advertising Opportunities at the Ilac Centre

Ilac Centre Radio

Unlike other music services, Ilac Centre Radio targets the message right at the point of sale. We give you the chance to influence on average 300,000 potential customers right at the point of purchase. It’s great way to push your brand.

For further information please talk to Enda Murphy AirServ on 01 485 33 44


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