#IlacFitFam: Love your Body …

January 11, 2018

… and Teach your Mind to Respect It.

It’s all about health and well-being here in the Ilac this month. Meet our #IlacFitFam who will help you achieve health in mind and body in 2018:

Providing practical and attractive fitness wear we have Diesel, the Liverpool FC store, Regatta Great Outdoors, Debenhams, TKMaxx and Dunnes Stores.

Stocking a broad range of fitness equipment and accessories we have Argos and Flying Tiger.

Lotus Pagoda in our Parnell Mall have a great range of yoga and meditation accessories and on the health side of things we have SO Nutrition in our Moore Mall, Holland & Barrett in Parnell Mall and Boots in our Central Mall who also provide vaccinations.

Not forgetting our healthy lunch options in Chopped, O’Briens and Quigleys.

And for those who are determined to kick the bad habit, VIP eCigarettes have some excellent January offers.

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