New Summer Salads from Chopped

May 1, 2019


Three new light, fresh and tasty summer bowls/wraps available in stores until end August 2019










Chopped Hawaiian Avocado Poke bowl

Tastes: Light, fresh and fruity

Kcals: 373

Our new Hawaiian Avocado Poke bowl features on our new Summer Vibes menu. This fresh, colourful little number is for those who love the idea of a traditional poke bowl but don’t eat fish for whatever reason. It’s particularly tasty this time of year because it’s light, clean, filling but not too heavy. Not to mention it’s complemented by our NEW peanut dressing made with Fiona’s Nutterly Nutritious clean peanut butter

Chopped Wild Irish Tuna bowl

Tastes: Great flavour and taste from Shines wild Irish tuna, with a fruity twist

Kcals: 274

With our new Wild Irish Tuna bowl, we have partnered with Shines Tuna of Donegal. Their albacore tuna is caught by Irish fishermen off the coast of Donegal when the fish is in season in August and September. This delicate soft, pink albacore tuna is different to that of other tuna species, and if you’re a fish fan, its delicious taste will blow you away! Complemented by our signature Mango, Lime and Chilli dressing, this bowls is a real treat for the taste buds.

Chopped Mexican Summer Chicken bowl

Tastes: Spicy, peppery and filling

Kcals: 273

Hello old friend! We have re-introduced our spicy Mexican chicken breast to our new Summer Vibes menu this year in the form of our fiery new bowl, the Summer Mexican Chicken. This bowl packs a punch in flavour and spice, with a double whammy of jalapeño and guindilla peppers, and our tasty new Mexican bean mix.

Bowl: €7.50 (or €10.00 as a smoothie & bowl meal deal)

Wrap: €7.00 (or €9.50 as a smoothie & wrap meal deal)

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