H&M offers fashion and quality at the best price with a broad and varied selection of clothing and coordinated accessories for women, men, teens and children, and new items arriving in store every day. Each of the collections include a number of different concepts, with everything from modern basics to tailored classics and cutting-edge fashion: there is something for everyone at H&M, no matter your age, personal style or budget.

H&M have a strong focus on sustainability showing a deep care about the impact that production has on the environment, as well as the people involved in the supply chain and the effect on our planet.

On their Instagram page when you click on an H&M product you will be able to see the materials used to make the product — and the sustainability of the materials; the country in which the product was made; the supplier they partnered with to manufacture the product; the factory that made the product; information about how you can recycle your unwanted clothes with H&M



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