Offbeat Donuts

Offbeat Donuts are located in our Central Mall.  The business was a long sought-after dream of baking duo Brian and Sandra O’Casey and that dream developed into a reality when they opened the doors to their first store in May 2016. They had both enjoyed successful careers in the Baking and Retail Management industry but had always planned to open their own bakery.

The idea for Offbeat Donuts developed from their family home where they spent 6 months in a small external development kitchen baking and perfecting flavours and textures to deliver the most mouth-watering donuts. The mission for their business was to revive the traditional Irish bakery and simply ‘to make donuts magic’.

All Offbeat donuts are made and topped in their bakery throughout the day, so they are the freshest they can possibly be! Recipes are created to allow customers to indulge in their favourite patisserie, desserts or treats all wrapped up in a delicious handmade donut.

‘Life is about those brief ‘magic moments’ that make us smile and the mission that Offbeat Donuts have successfully set out on was to bring a little bit of that magic into their customers’ lives by delivering the ultimate taste experience and exceeding their customers expectations by creating circles of obsession.’

Off Beat Donuts – Making Magic Every Day

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