The Ilac Centre is jointly owned by Irish Life plc and Hammerson plc.  Our aim is to deliver net positive impacts economically, socially and environmentally, through leading-edge design, operational efficiency and a culture of respect and responsibility.

Energy consumption
In 2017 we saved 10% on our annual energy consumption and in 2018 we are working to reduce this even further.


Water consumption
We are harvesting rain-water for our public toilets and in 2018 we are working to reduce our consumption even further.



100% of our waste is recoverable.  In 2017 85% was either recycled or used for energy generation.

Our key projects in 2018 include: 

  • Continue our LED lighting replacement project which includes replacing all back of house lighting
  • Increase biodiversity by introducing a bee hive on the roof of the centre
  • Continue our water metering initiative to ensure efficient use of this natural resource
  • We are currently seeking ISO14001 certification

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